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Have you ever wondered what vintage toy vehicles might be available in other countries?

This page is for collectors of old toy / model boats & ships who want to instantly see comprehensive listings of vintage & antique nautical toys for sale via Ebay in USA, Canada, Europe & Australia.

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Sutcliffe Passenger Ship Meier Tin Boat Vintage Bing Model Ship Asahi Tin Flying Fish Speedboat Vintage Toy Cabin Cruiser Vintage Tinplate Toy Tug Boat

Finding the Toy Boats / Ships You Want on Ebay

Whilst there are quite a few individual nautical toys worth a lot of money, serious collectors understand the value in any antique or vintage toy in mint condition. These toys, especially with original boxes, are limited in number, so finding high quality, rare items on eBay is a matter of regularly checking around the different country locations on our website until you are lucky enough to be there at the right time to make a successful bid.

Influences on Toy / Model Boat Manufacturers

The Real Ones!!

There is an infinite list of famous boats a ships to choose from that were noteworthy for a variety of reasons, for example - The Titanic, Noahs Ark, Bluebird, USS Constellation, The Bismarck, The Queen Mary, The Mayflower etc. etc. All of these iconic vessels have given manufacturers incentive to produce replicas in toy or kit form.

Revell Titanic Model Kit

HMS Mayflower Model

Sutcliffe Vintage Bluebird Speed Boat

Noahs Arc Wooden Model

The Bismarck Model Construction Kit

HMS Ark Royal

The Queen Mary Ocean Liner

Vintage Toy Boat / Ship Manufacturers

The list is endless with many nautical toys being produced all over the world. The premier manufacturers are / were mainly based in USA, Europe & Japan. Below are some examples of some of the most popular for collectors.

For a comprehensive history of model ships look at this Wikipedia entry.


J. Ph. Meier / Kohnstam Originally just Meier from around Nuremberg, later taken over by Kohnstam.

Best known for their range of 'Penny Toys' which used offset color lithography to produce fine detail and color on sheets of tin plate quickly and economically. Shapes were machine-cut and stamped and then assembled by unskilled workers, sometimes in cottage industries.

Basset Lowke

Bassett-Lowke was a toy company in Northampton, England, founded by Wenman Joseph Bassett-Lowke in 1898 or 1899, that specialized in model railways, boats, ships, and construction sets. Bassett-Lowke started as a mail-order business, although it designed and manufactured some items. In the years just before WW1 demand for Basset Lowke boats & ships was at its peak and the company sub contracted die casting to the Brighton Manufacturing Co.Ltd. The products thus produced were branded B.M.C.


Hornby, the brand name for the Meccano Ltd range of toy vehicles, were best known for their speedboat range. The new Hornby Speedboat was advertised in Meccano Magazine in 1932. The choice was initially limited to a single model available in three two-tone colour schemes, but before long, a whole range of speed boats and racing boats was available. With the outbreak of war in 1939 production stopped, but in 1960 a new range of plastic Hornby Speedboats with brass propellers and rudders was launched.


A German company who produced traditional tinplate mechanical toys and best known for the model trains it produced. Marklin also manufactured numerous other toys over the years, including lithographed tinplate toy automobiles and highly detailed boats which are now very collectible. From 1909 until well into the 1950s they sold a range of alcohol-burning model steam engines. These were very educational toys, and could be linked to dynamos to provide lighting.


Sutcliffe Pressings Ltd. was founded by John W. Sutcliffe in the 1890s, but only produced his first model boat in 1920. With the success of the boat, Sutcliffe Pressings used their niche expertise in producing leak-proof metal joints to create a limited range of tinplate boats and submarines. Methylated spirit powered boats also became very popular, with a lighted wick, some spirit & a copper tube these boats could sustain their travel for much longer periods than clockwork versions.


A German company founded in 1893, they specialized in the "Nuremberg Style" of manufacturing toys on steel sheets with lithographed designs that were stamped out of the metal, formed, and assembled using tabs and slots. This process was employed well into the 1950s, long after the Bing company, who perfected it, had gone out of business. They were also famous for their miniature steam engines that could be used to power their range of model / toy / locomotives and boats.

 Model Boats & Ships For Sale

R.M.S. Titanic Gift Set 1:400

AIRFIX R.M.S.Titanic Gift Set

Scale 1:400 / Size L 670mm x W 71mm

Number of Parts: 381

₤59.99gbp / $75.99usd

 Click image for more info & models


HMS Victory Starter SetStarter Set Mary Rose 1:400

AIRFIX HMS Victory & Mary Rose Starter Sets

HMS Victory Size L 105mm x W 30mm

Number of Parts: 19

Mary Rose Size L 164mm x W 69mm

Number of Parts: 29

₤9.99gbp / $12.99usd

 Click image for more info & models


Airfix Vintage Classics - HMS Hood 1:600

Airfix Vintage Classics - HMS Ark Royal 1:600

AIRFIX HMS Hood & HMS Ark Royal

HMS Hood Size L 430mm x W 53mm

Scale 1:600 / Number of Parts: 131

HMS Ark Royal Size L 430mm x W 125mm

Scale 1:600

₤16.99gbp / $21.99usd

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Higgins LCVP 1:72


Scale 1:72 / Size L145 x W22

Number of Parts: 47

₤9.99gbp / $12.99usd

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