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Have you ever wondered what vintage toy military vehicles might be available in other countries?

This page is for collectors of old toy military vehicles, tanks, jeeps, personnel carriers, tank transporters & army cargo trucks etc. who want to instantly see comprehensive listings of vintage & antique military toys for sale via Ebay in USA, Canada, Europe & Australia.

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Vintage American Army Toy Jeep Dinky British Army Truck Corgi VW T1 Personnel Carrier Tinplate Tank Matchbox Personnel Carrier Vintage Toy Clockwork T6 Tank Vintage Toy German Staff Car

Finding the Toy Military Vehicles You Want on Ebay

Whilst there are quite a few individual toy Army / Navy / Air Force worth a lot of money, serious collectors understand the value in any antique or vintage military vehicle in mint condition. These toys, especially with original boxes, are limited in number, so finding high quality, rare items on eBay is a matter of regularly checking around the different country locations on our website until you are lucky enough to be there at the right time to make a successful bid.

Influences on Military Toy Vehicle Manufacturers


All the military vehicles we see in the world are there for one reason; every one of them represents a measure of defense for the country that owns them. Army, Navy & Air Force toy vehicles hold a fascination for thousands of collectors and are a major part of the toy industry.

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Vintage Toy Military Vehicle Collection

Tonka Toy Army Jeep

Vintage Corgi Tank Transporter with Tank

Vintage Military Toy Vehicle Manufacturers

The list is endless with many toy vehicles from the armed forces being produced all over the world. The premier manufacturers are / were mainly based in USA, Europe & Japan. Below are some examples of some of the most popular for collectors.

For a comprehensive history of toy / model vehicles look at this Wikipedia entry.


Founded in the United Kingdom in 1953, Matchbox has become world renowned for creating both realistic die-cast and plastic scaled models of a number of different vehicle types ranging from classic racing cars to army jeeps. Matchbox toy cars are known for their fine detail and are popular with both young children to adult collectors. In spite of introducing other products over the years, they are still known mainly for their precise replicas of cars through the ages.

Dinky Toys

Another famous company who first started their die cast miniature vehicles in 1934 from the Meccano factory located in Liverpool, England. The first vehicles were made from lead and included a racing car, tractor, delivery van, truck, sports car & a tank. Initially the vehicles were not particularly accurate representations of their subects, but did always have rubber tires. Dinky toy vehicles soon caught the attention of young people & the company went from strength to strength over the next three decades, but finally succumbed to intense competition & closed its doors in 1979.


Louis Marx & Company was a general manufacturer of a variety of toy products and was one of the most influential on US market during the 20th Century. Some of his army / military themed toy vehicles have now become very collectible with high prices being paid at auction. Marx was the largest toy manufacturer in the world by the 1950s and by 1955 was able to boat an annual sales turnover of $50 million. Eventually similar toy offerings from Japan began to over the US market & many Marx toys were manufactured there & sold under the Linemar brand.


A German company who produced traditional tinplate mechanical toys since before WW1. With the advent of WW2 Germany they produced many military vehicles including tanks, one of their most popular was the die-cast Army DKW Schwimmwagen. It wasn't until the 60's that they included plastic injection for making their products, this allowed them to put a lot more detail into the finished product. In the 1970's they brought out a range of die cast vehicles branded as Mini-Mods which are now very collectible.


Mettoy Playcraft Ltd introduced the Corgi Toys range of vehicles in 1956, they were soon to become the largest manufacturer of die cast vehicles in the world. Great detail & innovations such as clear plastic windows proved to be a great hit & in the first year alone 2.75 million toy vehicles were sold. This robbed Dinky of a great deal of the market, but Corgi Toys fortunes were to temporarily held up due to a massive fire which destroyed their Swansea factory. Revival of the company was greatly helped by the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 & the 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' models.

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Collectible Military Models For Sale

Sherman M4 A3 (Late) – US Army, Luxembourg 1944

CORGI Sherman M4 A3 - US Army, Luxembourg 1944.

Limited Edition

Scale 1:50 / Length 117mm

₤49.99gbp / $64.99usd

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Corgi Die-Cast Collectable Model - Panther Tank – Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausf D, Unknown Unit, Northern Bavaria, April 1945, Defence of the Reich

CORGI Panzerkampfwagen V Panther (Ausf D)

Limited Edition

Scale 1:50 / Length 176mm

₤49.99gbp / $64.99usd

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Sd.Kfz.7 Krauss-Maffei Medium Towing Half-Track

CORGI Sd.Kfz.7 Krauss-Maffei Medium Towing Half Track

Limited Edition

Scale 1:50 / Length 140mm

₤49.99gbp / $64.99usd

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M3 Half-Track

CORGI M3 Half Track

Limited Edition

Scale 1:50 / Length 120mm

₤49.99gbp / $64.99usd

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Bedford QLD 4 x 4 General Service Cargo Truck

CORGI Bedford QLD 4x4 General Service Cargo Truck

Limited Edition

Scale 1:50 / Length 121mm

₤49.99gbp / $64.99usd

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