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Have you ever wondered what vintage toy vehicles might be available in other countries?

This page is for collectors of old toy motorcycles who want to instantly see comprehensive listings of vintage & antique toy motorbikes with or without sidecars for sale via Ebay in USA, Canada, Europe & Australia.

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Schuco Tinplate Motorcycle Vintage Matchbox Motorcycle & Sidecar Old Tin Motorcycle Dinky Toys AA Patrol Motorcycles Italian Tinplate Scooter Vintage Tin Motorcycle with Box Vintage Hot Wheel Motorcycles

Finding the Toy Motorcycles You Want on Ebay

Whilst there are quite a few individual toy motorcycles worth a lot of money, serious collectors understand the value in any antique or vintage toy motorcycle in mint condition. These toys, especially with original boxes, are limited in number, so finding high quality, rare items on eBay is a matter of regularly checking around the different country locations on our website until you are lucky enough to be there at the right time to make a successful bid.

Influences on Toy Motorcycle Manufacturers

Television & Film

From late 50's onwards TV & Movies started to have an influence on the toy industry with youngsters wanting to have replicas of the motorcycles used in their favorite TV programs or films like Captain America, Chips, Ghost Rider, Easy Rider, Evil Knievel & many more.

Captain America Motorcycle Toy

Chips Toy Policebike

Toy Ghost Rider Flaming Chopper

Vintage Evel Knievel Stunt Chopper with Box

Vintage Toy Motorcycle Manufacturers

The list is endless with many tinplate & die cast motorcycles being produced all over the world. The premier manufacturers are / were mainly based in USA, Europe & Japan. Below are some examples of some of the most popular for collectors.

For a comprehensive history of toy vehicles look at this Wikipedia entry.


A German company well known for their tin toys. Although in business since the early 1920's their first production car was in 1938, the vehicle range soon grew to encompass motorcycles & other vehicles. The toys are well made & very detailed, if a little quirky at times and are highly collectible. The factory closed during WW2, but re-opened in the late 40's to continue production with tin vehicles followed closely by die cast & plastic. Schuco went bankrupt in 1976 & was eventually taken over by Gama in 1980.

Rare Schuco Tin Motorcycle


Not really in the antique & vintage category yet, but worth mentioning as many of their vehicles have become very collectible. In the 1980s, Maisto became well known as a die cast vehicle producer after a business conglomeration of May Tat Toy (mainly motorcycles), May Cheong (MC Toy - which produced smaller vehicles), and Maisto. They are officially licensed to produce Harley Davidson replicas. Other toy motorcycle products include Vespas, custom choppers & stock motorcycles.

Maisto Toy Harley Davidson


Founded in the United Kingdom in 1953, Matchbox has become world renowned for creating both realistic die-cast and plastic scaled models of cars & motorcycles ranging from classic racing cars to motorbikes with sidecars. Matchbox toy vehicles are known for their fine detail and are popular with both young children to adult collectors. In spite of introducing other products over the years, they are still known mainly for their precise replicas of cars & motorcycles through the ages.

Vintage Matchbox Motorcycle


Yomica is the brand name of Takara Tomy Co. of Japan and have been manufacturing a range of die cast toy vehicles since 1970. For the first four years they produced exclusively Japanese vehicles, but then progressed to 'foreign' makes in competition with Matchbox. There was a range of 110 vehicles commonly known as 'Tomy Pocket Cars' constantly available, the less popular models being dropped to make way for new ones. In the early 1980's the company faced a financial crisis & were forced to limit production of this range to eighty models.

Tomica Tomy Collectible Motorcycle

Hot Wheels

It was the late 1960's when kids first started playing with these little cars & motorcycles manufactured by Mattel, now both children & adults are going crazy to buy them. The first motorcycles appeared in the range known as Flying Colors which was introduced in 1975.

Hot Wheels Toy Motorcycles

Model Motorcycles For Sale