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Have you ever wondered what vintage toy vehicles might be available in other countries?

This page is for collectors of old trains & train sets who want to instantly see comprehensive listings of vintage & antique toy trains for sale via Ebay in USA, Canada, Europe & Australia.

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Vintage Lionel Train Hornby Train Old Marklin Train Vintage Tinplate Train Antique Toy Locomotive American Flyer Train Set with Box Toy Tin Train

Finding the Toy / Model Trains You Want on Ebay

Whilst there are quite a few individual toy trains worth a lot of money, serious collectors understand the value in any antique or vintage toy train or train set in mint condition. These toys, especially with original boxes, are limited in number, so finding high quality, rare items on eBay is a matter of regularly checking around the different country locations on our website until you are lucky enough to be there at the right time to make a successful bid.

Influences on Toy Train Manufacturers

The Real Trains!!

Some of the original full size trains manufactured in the early 20th century became iconic such as The Flying Scotsman, Mallard, Golden Arrow. Names like The Orient Express, Trans Siberian Express & even Hogwarts Express & Thomas The Tank Engine have motivated model train manufacturers.

The Flying Scotsman


The Golden Arrow

Vintage Toy Train Manufacturers / Scales & Gauges

Model and toy trains are classified according to scale and gauge. 'Scale' describes the size of a miniature in proportion to its full-size prototype. 'Gauge' refers to the distance between the rails of the track. There are many scales & gauges used by different manufacturers, so be sure choose the right one for your purposes.

For a comprehensive history of toy / model trains and a guide to scales & gauges visit Wikipedia


Hornby was the brand name for the first toy trains produced by Meccano Ltd. in 1920. Early attempts at making an electric train were not very successful & it wasn't until the mid 30's that they had a reliable model that was sold alongside the Hornby range of clockwork trains. In 1938 the OO gauge was introduced, this was marketed under the brand name Hornby Dublo. The locomotives were die-cast, and the carriages and wagons were normally tinplate. This was a very well planned range of electric and clockwork models, successfully consolidating 12 V DC as the standard for OO scale.

Horny Dublo Electric Train


Founded in 1900 by Joshua Lionel Cowan in USA. Originally the trains he made were were for shop displays and were battery powered, they certainly caught the public imagination who kept on asking if they were sale. The rails on the initial products were Standard Gauge, this had been trademarked by Lionel & was soon adopted by other US train manufacturers, but in 1915 Lionel changed over to 0 Gauge to be in line with top train manufacturers of the time. These days Lionel trains are highly revered and highly sought after by collectors.

Vintage Lionel Train Set


A leading maker of general clockwork toys from the 1880's, Ives found that the trains they produced in tin or cast iron were becoming ever more popular. However, there was disastrous fire in 1900 which resulted in all the tooling for the existing product line being ruined. With the help of the insurance money a new factory was built and in 1902 Ives launched the first ever 0 gauge clockwork trains to run on specially made tracks. In 1910 Ives manufactured its first electric train in 0 gauge & 1 gauge.

Ives Rolling Stock & Box

American Flyer

Initially American Flyer products were a budget brand, undercutting the prices of Ives which was at the time the market leader. The trains proved popular, and American Flyer was soon expanding its product line. 1918 saw the introduction of their first 0 gauge electric train & with this and further development they were selling half a million trains a year. In 1928 Ives went bankrupt so American Flyer and Lionel jointly purchased and operated Ives until 1930, after which American Flyer sold its share to Lionel. American Flyer continued until 1967 when financial problems forced them to sell out to Lionel.

Vintage American Flyer Train Set


Marklin is responsible for the creation of several popular model railroad gauges or scale, noteworthy exceptions being N Scale and Wide Gauge. In 1891, Marklin defined gauges 1-5 as standards for toy trains. Around 1900 the company introduced 0 gauge & later in the mid 30's, H0 scale. Marklin is one of the biggest names in the toy train collectors world with such models as the SBB Cocodile, Amtrak Ice, California Zephyr and the famous Union Pacific Big Boy, among many others fetching very high prices.

Marklin Train & Box


Lines Bros Ltd adopted the brand name of Tri-ang which was a wordplay on the surnames of the three brothers. In 1954 a new factory was opened in Margate, Kent under the name of Rovex Scale Models Ltd, this location was dedicated to the manufacture of Tri-ang toy trains. The next few years saw enormous success and Hornby Dublo, their main competitor was in financial trouble. Lines Bros subsequently bought them out & then marketed their products under the banner of Tri-ang Hornby.

Tri-ang Electric Train Set

Collectible Model Train Sets & Locomotives etc. For Sale


BR, A4 Class, 4-6-2, 60022 'Mallard'

Hornby | A4 Class 'Mallard' front


Length 291mm

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LNER, A1 Class, 4-6-2, 4472 'Flying Scotsmaní

Flying Scotsman Locomotive


Length 293mm

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Adams Class 415, 4-4-2T, 30583, Late BR

BR, Adams Class 415, 4-4-2T, 30583, Late BR - Era 5


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Virgin Trains, Class 87, Bo-Bo, 87019 'Sir Winston Churchill'

Virgin Trains, Class 87, Bo-Bo, 87019 'Sir Winston Churchill' - Era 9


Length 243mm

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GWR High Speed Train Set | Hornby | box front and train